Flee from them

Never imitate a narcissist

Never imitate a narcissist - mimic

When you act like a narcissist, you are providing him more signals to escalate his manipulations, rather than teaching him a lesson.

It’s possible that imitating them causes a narcissistic wound, but:

  • They obtain fuel to aid in the healing of the wound.
  • You invite him to a challenge to see who is better than who. You enter the challenge, you enter the wrestling ring, and even if he is injured, he will wallow in shit and be grateful that you join him in the mud.
  • He gets fuel when you pay attention to him.

Consequences of getting into the game

You will cause a narcissistic wound. This only happens if you don’t provide fuel, they will perceive your behavior as a mockery.

By causing the wound, they will turn on the rage. They will try to be more aggressive in imitation.

When they feel they lost control, they may use physical aggression or intimidation by hitting objects, throwing things, or destroying other people’s property by turning on the rage. For example, if you imitate the word salad, they may use physical aggression or intimidation by hitting objects, throwing things, or destroying other people’s property.

This indicates that the level of rage has increased to the point where violence is a possibility, and they will have to heal the wound aggressively or against your property.

Violence is a possibility if you imitate the narcissist. You will turn on his rage.

The narcissist sees that you are attempting to dominate him and is uncomfortable with this, so he will try other manipulative techniques against you in order to exert control. If you are devalued, you will continue to be depreciated, and the abuse will become more severe.

He’ll twist everything you’ve said and done against you in order to get you to provoke you to give in and lose your temper. He can then begin his smear campaign against you.

If you face a major narcissist, he will steal everything you have and then punish you for having the audacity to confront him.

You can’t keep a combative attitude forever

Never imitate a narcissist - combative

You realize that you can’t maintain a defiant stance indefinitely without giving him fuel; you may have hurt him, but if you let your guard down, you’ll give him fuel and heal his wound, plus he’ll know you’re too weak to maintain inappropriate or defiant behavior, putting you in even more trouble.

Therefore, you must be aware of what you say and do, as well as your body language, gestures, and look. Avoid face-to-face confrontations to avoid giving fuel.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from your sense of honesty, decency, and coherence. For the narcissist, on the other hand, his own person is meaningless since they have no sense of their own identity. As a result, they don’t mind falling low like a worm and swallowing their own garbage as long as they make you fall.

The narcissist loves creating blame

If the narcissist yells at you, acts irrationally, or triangulates, it’s to provoke you and exploit your reaction to make the smear campaign more effective by twisting the truth in front of all others, including children, judges, teachers, and so on.

But if you try to triangulate with another person, they will accuse you of being a whore, a flirt, unfaithful, and selfish, and they will use that to smear your name and attack you, though they will try to control you with physical aggression.

If he is low or middle-rank he will be more inclined to victimize himself by accusing you of being a cheating whore.

If you try to blame them, they will interpret it as an assault and try to pass the responsibility back to you. They perceive it as a challenge to their sense of superiority, and they will never accept responsibility unless it benefits them in some way.

The exception to the rule: the silent treatment

When you emulate a narcissist, there is one little exception where you will have the upper hand and win all battles: using silent treatments and ignoring them.

Do you want to want to know about silent treatment from the point of view of a narcissist? Click on the book No Contact by H.G. Tudor. You can read some pages by clicking on “look inside”.

This book explains why you need to go No Contact and the appropriate methods to do so, step by step.

It will be a powerful tool in your battle against the narcissist.

He’ll try another kind of manipulation, but if you’re physically separated from the narcissist, he won’t be able to heal the wound with a direct vengeance, so you force him to vent his rage on another source available to him.

If you have children, you must know and understand when to respond to the narcissist and when to ignore him.

If you’re effective with the silent absence treatment, he’ll be less inclined to bother you in the future.

The present silent treatment (gray rock) or the absent one (zero contact) will make a difference. Ignore the narcissist.

Therefore, it’s critical to know how to use the silent treatment, whether present (gray rock) or absent (zero contact) and to ignore the narcissist as much as possible.

The most effective strategy to manipulate the manipulator

  • Establish zero or limited communication with them (if you have children or he is a relative).
  • Document everything and ask for written instructions if it’s a coworker or boss, and always try to bring a witness.
  • Recognize manipulations and ignore them once detected.
  • Use strategies that benefit you and provide you with peace of mind in order to avoid future problems.

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