Flee from them

Who am I?

Me. Again.

I’m a mum of two.

A 9 years old girl, a 6 years old boy.

I’m writing this while I’m trying to call my kids.

It’s their father’s half of the Christmas holidays.

And he won’t pick up the phone.

I’ll try some more times today. To no avail, I know.

We’re divorced, but the sentence has no meaning for him. For a narcissist, the truth is his truth. The rules are his rules.

He just wants to control. Still after our divorce 4 years ago. Control the money, the calls, the school…

So I would like you to pardon me for all the Adsense and Amazon stuff. I would like this website to act as some kind of “poetic justice”: by warning other people about narcissists, I’m trying to earn for my kids some of the money the narcissist in our lives is stealing from them.

I tried to pick some useful books about the subject. Some of them I read, some of them not. But I picked every one of them with care and hoping they can be truly of some help.

Whatever you do, whether you click on the ads or not, please read this website. Please read, watch, fill yourself up with information about this subject. Let it sink. You’ll realize narcissists always follow the same patterns. Learn to recognize them. Learn to avoid them.

Your life could depend on it.

Or at least your happiness. Your humanity.

Don’t let a narcissist controls your life. You don’t need someone like that by your side.

You’re worth it by yourself. You need to be respected as a person.

Flee from the raven.

Good luck.

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